Neriak at Frostfell Time copy

Aha so that was the motive!

Well it's that time of year again! New expansion and Frostfell all in one. It's hard not to get all giddy! Time to dance with fauns and hope for rare Santa Glug gifts. Time to leap long and snag the Fogifier/Defogifier, ahem, that is, if you know where it hides. EQ2 has many secrets. Some secrets glitter in the darklight of the fairy fires of Neriak. Like Mrs. Snowman's real motives. Well, who can resist a Chocolaty ninjabread man after all?

Druzzil Ro has started us on a new epic storyline and there are tantalizing hints that we may yet see the smoldering Sullon Zek before the end of it. Will you help defeat Rage, Nightmare and Hate? Perhaps we will have Erollisi, Druzzil Ro, and Tunare leading the other deities of Norrath in a battle for the Planes. Lanys may be feared but she is not respected. We will teach her that as often as she needs to learn it.

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