We hope everyone is enjoying EverQuest II's most recent expansion, Tears of Veeshan. I want to personally thank all of you who have contributed information making this Wikia an outstanding resource for those working through the content.

As I worked through Tears of Veeshan: The Eternal Broodlands, it struck me just how crucial having some of quests updates really were. There were at least two instances where I had no idea where to go next and this timeline made all the difference. We still need more information about this crucial quest series though so please contribute what you know.

There are also still a number of opportunities to add your experiences and thoughts! We are still in need of additional dungeon and raid information for almost every instance in the expansion. Quest rewards, new items, and other tidbits will make this the best resource for EverQuest II information around.

Head to the Instances Page and share your experience on the Tears of Veshan [Instances] page!

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