Yesterday's update brought in some extremely cool items many folks have been looking for. We didn't talk about it in advance but now for a meager 50 Loyalty Points you can betray your character saving you the time of doing the Betrayal quest. Obviously if you haven't ever done it we'd encourage you to, but many of you have done it so many times it'll be nice to get it done quickly.

You should also check out the Loyalty Vendor for brand new gear which is not only fashionable but functional!

Finally Oakmyst Glade is now available as a Prestige Home. If you have always admired the splendor of Oakmyst Forest (as many of you launch veterans have), then this is your house. Ponds, Trees, and a general serene feel will ensure you have the perfect environment.

PS: We also have some fish for your Oakmyst ponds.

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