• Lordebon

    GU65.5 is still fresh but it's time to set your sights on GU66, "Scars of the Awakened." Check out the new Producer's Letter for more info, but here's the cliff notes:

    • Beta (the new kind of Test Copy) for GU66 to start on April 2
    • GU66 is set to go live April 30
    • Changes resulting from the various class feedback threads on the SOE forums
    • 2 new major zones:
      • Cobalt Scar, the new presumably overland zone
      • Siren's Grotto, the new dungeon with solo, heroic, and raid content (presumably different instances)
    • New collections, tradeskill quests & apprentice items, and new PVP rewards from GU66 content.
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  • Lordebon

    Today is Brewday!

    March 7, 2013 by Lordebon

    Mind your livers, Brew Day has returned! There's a new quest, new bar-crawling and crafting achevements, a new recipe book, and a few new reward options on the repeatable quests this year. Check out the Brew Day page or SOE's official news post for more informaton.

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