At level 24 I pressed alt-z and discovered Dungeon Finder. After a couple weeks in Crypt of Agony I finally called it quits with my brilliant career as an agnostic dungeon raider and stepped outside into beautiful Qeynos. However, I only knew it was Qeynos because that was what the map said. In fact, I didn't know anything about the game I had been playing short of the sound emotes made by the skeletal Iskar in CoA (shaktis bloooooze!). So I decided that I would take it slow and complete EVERY quest I could find; starting in the lowbie zones and working my way up.
Two months and a broken mouse later I was still in Karan. Thirsty for new landscapes (I'm sorry The Thundering Steppes, Antonica and of course my beautiful Qeynos), I mariner belled over to D'Lere and began questing in the outlying Freeport zones (rp'ing as a Qeynos spy, of course). When my haphazard journey led me deeper into the bowels of my rival city's sewers; it was in that very moment as I was rifling through Freeportian shit looking for quest starters, that I realized my constant companion throughout my adventure thus far was not my New Halasian Courser, which I only discovered I had a month ago, nor my recently acquired Bronze Armored Rhino with Black Saddle, but rather This whole time I've been taking and using the wiki as if I payed its rent. So I wiped my hands clean of refuse, boiled some water to add to my freeze dried coffee, and got to work editing - nay - beautifying my loyal friend.

Dmendezthegreat (talk) 16:13, January 4, 2018 (UTC)

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