Happy Wednesday, Norrathians!

I hope you are enjoying Cobalt Scar and Siren's Grotto (update those pages, will ya?!) which were released this week with Scars of the Awakened. If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at the official trailer!

Scars of the Awakened Game Update

Scars of the Awakened Game Update


In addition to all of the amazing new content that was released yesterday, today also marks the return of the City Festival to Freeport! The festival and the Aether Races will be here until May 7th.

I also wanted to point out a cool page here on the wiki -- Easter Eggs! This discussion recently popped up again on the EQ2 forums, and it's been a lot of fun reading everyone's favorite finds in the game. Do you have some? Make sure you add them!

And the last tidbit of the week...I have my first in game item! In the Community Lounge, you can now click on a bottle in the bar area to receive "Dexella's Drink of Delight (Alcoholic)." I'll make sure to always have some of these in my bags, so if you see me in game, feel free to ask for a sip!


Available in the Community Lounge

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