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First of all Reign of Shadows Beta has started!

With the change of Fandom to UCP (you might have noticed the new layout of the website) the copy icon for the locs didn't work anymore.

I was able to update the template and it works again, but a bit different then before!

  • Example for the loc 11.1, 22.2, 33.3:
    • 11, 22, 33 ) Copy Explanation of the example:
    • The waypoint will be selected as a whole and when you right click to copy the letters "/waypoint " will be added as a suffix.
    • You see 11, 22, 33, but you copy it you get "/waypoint 11, 22, 33".
    • The copy button will copy the complette waypoint to your clipboard when you click it. which will be "/waypoint 11.1, 22.2, 33.3"