Update Notes: Tuesday April 2, 2019


  • Fracture the inheritance merchant will now grant inheritance vouchers if you have completed the applicable achievement on either Kaladim or Fallen Gate, but did not receive the voucher.


  • To address a lag issue, PvP kills will no longer directly grant status and will instead grant tradeable Proof of Death Certificates, which may be sold for status.



  • Raid encounters now drop both their armor patterns as well as armor account flags.
  • Restored original resolve values on the following raid encounter tiers:
    • Raid 2 Mythic Basepop: 2012
    • Raid 2 Mythic Boss: 2032
    • Raid 4 Basepop: 2092
    • Raid 4 Boss: 2112
    • Raid 3 Mythic Basepop: 2253
    • Raid 3 Mythic Boss: 2273
    • Raid 4 Mythic Basepop: 2375

Isle of Refuge: Darathar's Flight

  • The lockout has been lowered to 3 days.

Eryslai: The Aether Vale [Raid]

  • Xegony's "Gust" spell should now have warning text.

Plane of Justice: Scales of Justice [Raid]

  • The Seventh Hammer's "Bringing the Hammer Down" spell should now have warning text.

Chaos Descending Raids

  • Corrected an issues that caused the Celestial Voidwrought Runes to not properly be read when facing certain gods, thus causing false reads as not having the set of runes toward the 75% rule.
  • Adept spell scrolls no longer drop in Chaos Descending raids


  • Corrected a bug that prevented Communion pet spells Flames of Destruction, Telluric Devastation, and Aery Assassination from doing damage.


  • Leveling items that previously increased resolve have had their base resolve set to the maximum amount that leveling could have attained.
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