GU106 - Seeds of Vengeance is live!


Planar Ethereal Coins may be spent at the Ethereal Merchant located in Plane of Magic.

  • Wave 1: May 24 - July 9
  • Wave 2: July 9 - August 20
  • Wave 3: August 20 - September 30


Planes of Prophecy [Heroic] and [Event Heroic] missions now grant the Elixir of the Expert. The Elixir of the Expert may be used by a member in a single Expert, Expert Event, or the Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt Heroic zone once per calendar day. While under the effects of an Elixir of the Expert, the caster will have their stats increased to a level which will allow them to contribute effectively to their group regardless of how well equipped they are. Leaving the dungeon in which the buff was cast will disable the effects until the caster returns to that specific instance.