EQ2 Character Information
Whyff Fashionlizard
Profiles EQ2U (name)
Server Antonia Bayle
Race Male Iksar
Adventuring Monk L90 + 190 AAs
Guild Defenders of Important Things

EQ2 Player Information
RL Loc Norway
(Europe, GMT +1)

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Whyff, Slave To Fashion

Alts Edit

All are on the Antonia Bayle server. I routinely create and delete characters, so what's here today... who knows.

NameRaceAdv. ClassCraftSecondaryNotes
Firefur WotsberninKerra90 Fury90 Master ProvisionerTransmuter 435
Ssariss PainbringerIksar90 Shadowknight90 Master AlchemistNoneHisss
Aunti MyggGnome81 Ranger90 Master TailorNoneI'm not mean, I'm in a hurry. Time is money.
Khatya SpiritwalkerKerra60 Mystic66 CarpenternoneCreated because I didn't have a character to wear Asharae's Cloak
Watsda GuildpotatoGnome47 Illusionist90 Master WoodworkerNoneHater of Bryan Shorecling (who disappeared from Willow Wood many months ago, and Watsda has nothing to say about it)
Peaby EnjaeGnome41 Templar80 CarpenternoneSome guy who's a carpenter

Whyff's In-game Hobbies Edit

Eating crunchybugs, bringing fashion joy to all of Norrath.

The Quacker Army Edit

No true defender of really important things can succeed, much less survive, without a faithful army of loyal followers. Whyff is no exception, and he relies heavily on his Quacker Army for support, positive reassurance and an unwavering "got your back" mentality.

Whyff Yig

Quacker Yig

Whyff Kitty

Quacker Kitty

Whyff Gorg

Quacker Gorg

Quacker sokokar

Quacker Freak

EQ2 wiki involvement Edit

Practically none, these days.

Real Life Professions Edit

Management and support for a financial wiki; financial researcher/trader; writer; anything else that's fun

Real Life Hobbies Edit

Games of all sorts that don't involve dealing with smack talk. Yeah, I've got EQ chat switched off. Yeah, even the crafting channel.

Writing (stories and music, but only the first half).

Throwing snowballs.

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