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Bio Edit

An Ex-Ranger, Toramir was once a ranger for the city of Qeynos, he showed great promise. However, he made the mistake of assisting an assassin kill General Drull, a orc scourge who had been launching attacks on Freeport. During this, what can only be described as an epic battle, Toramir launched arrow after arrow into the orc hordes, but they would never stop, from a high vantage point, able to rain death from above on the fighting orcs, Toramir noticed an assassin leaping from foe to foe, cutting each down with a swift blade and a keen eye.

Back in his own city, the thought, the power, the agility of this Assassin drove Toramir to near instanty, (some say it did). He heard rumors of a gnome in Qeynos promoting Freeport, helping loyal citizens do dastardly deeds against Qeynos, betraying her and taking residence in Neriak, or worse...Freeport. However the Guard could not find this gnome, but Toramir knew where he was. Toramir knew where everyone was. He hunted down the Gnome and asked him to grant him access to Neriak, to train with the assassins there, world wide for the agility and strength.

He betrayed Qeynos, singlehandidly distroying the Magicial Protection shield that was being made to protect Qeynos, he fled to Neriak, and after gaining the Tier'Dal trust, began his training as an Assassin.

During his training...Toramir began to notice differnces from when he was a ranger...he could no longer run as fast as he used to, nature no longer providing him extra speed to hunt down foes, however he found he became more stealthy, able to slip into cover alot faster than before.

Although starting to feel regrets, Toramir is, at the moment, happy with his place in Norrath

EQ2 Player Information
RL Loc Midlands, UK
(GMT, GMT -+0)

EQ2 Character Information
Profiles EQ2U (name)
Server Runnyeye
Race Male Human
Deity Rallos Zek
Adventuring Assassin L51 + 61 AAs
Guild The Damned Rebellion
Housing West Freeport
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