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I have been playing on the Innothule/Crushbone server since November 2004 with occasional breaks (I started contributing to the EQ2-Daily wiki before moving here). I also have about 3 years experience in EQ (Stromm server). Other games include:

  • DoAC.
  • SWG for the last 2 months before NGE (mourn) -- first Wiki Experience.
  • Horizons -- great game, great crafting, owners dropped the ball.
  • Matrix Online.
  • EVE -- which is my current second favorite game.
  • Vanguard (open beta and game start) -- on Vanguard Spheres staff as Wiki admin.
  • LotRo (open beta and game start)


Name Allan
Location New Jersey, USA
Age 57


Recent Changes


Members of the Old Timers Guild on Unrest:

Name Race Adventure Crafting Notes
Class Level Class Level Secondary
Bedloe Human Monk 24 Armorer 29 Tinkerer Main
Estri High Elf Conjuror 20 Weaponsmith 30
Flinq Half Elf Assassin 20 Carpenter 29 rhymes with fink
Grenlyn Wood Elf Dirge 22 Woodworker 29
Gwendora Human Swashbuckler 22 Provisioner 31
Kethrin Fae Warden 26 Sage 30
Lachlin Wood Elf Ranger 20 Tailor 30
Phendorl Kerran Berserker 24 Alchemist 30
Rhennyth High Elf Fury 25 Jeweler 31