Yo, this is Subaltern. I'm nowhere near the best player, and not a completionist, perfectionist or religious believer in guilds / grouping / raiding. If that's your thing, awesome, but not mine. I'm happy questing, collecting, crafting, selling Kronos to maintain my expensive in-game lifestyle. ATM (spring 2007) that means I'm the one buying up the Twark gear, sometimes Bloody Tooth, and generally falling comfortably in the middle of every parse. Don't knock it, it took me years to develop this underachiever streak. Now when I hear the word "must" follow the word "you" I just tune out and go play something fun, like a Mission. Not my bag... I prefer to make jokes. The new PQs are much more my style since I also alternate with Rift from EQ2. Lately I've been trying Guild Wars 2 out. Nice, but harder to get used to. EQ2 will probably be my home until it shuts. Hopefully after I'm dead, please. I like my castles in the sky.

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