This is a list of all my characters in Everquest II.



Clewx (Used to be Clew, but name was changed by SOE during merge.)

Antonia BayleEdit


Aldamir, the level 43 Paladin.

Gwyfar, the level 1 Troubador.

Seatiln, the level 30 Conjuror.


Barbare, the level 23 Berserker.

Batork, the level 22 Necromancer.

Krika, the level 1 Assassin.

Laxir, the level 70 Ranger (Ranger danger).

Presar, the level 16 Coercer.

Sebio, the level 1 Defiler.

Teridax, the level 1 Shadowknight.

Future CharactersEdit

Tibbio, the level 1 Swashbuckler.

Fribbio, the level 1 (Monk or Bruiser).

Nameless Future CharactersEdit

I am considering making a Guardian, as well as an Illusionist.

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