"Hello." -Laxir Nightwing, Knight of D'Lere.

Greetings all and welcome to my user page. Heh, it's not much at the moment, but, hey, it's something. If you haven't guessed already, due to the quote, one of my characters is the great and noble Laxir Nightwing! Well, considering he's a Teir'Dal I can't really say "noble", but he's still pretty awesome. Heh... Next we have Batork, an Iksar Necromancer who knews a thing or two about orcs. Pesky, pesky orcs... Then we have Barbare, a Barbarian Berserker in the Butcherblock Mountains. I still can't understand those yarpsnarls. Meh...

A character list of mine can be found here.

A guide of mine that will be updated soon can also be found here.

Did I mention I also patrol Shattered Lands content? I am working to improve the pages that have to do with the original Everquest II game. A checklist of mine can be found here soon.

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