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Name: Sassinak
Server Permafrost
Adventuring: 76 Bruiser
Guild: The Black Company

Contributions[edit | edit source]

My main contribution to the wiki is that I created the Solo Timelines and Heroic Timelines.

When EQ2i first went live in late 2005, it contained only DoF timelines. I wanted to add a whole set of timelines, to guide the soloer from level 1 to DoF. In those days, a lot of players were completely in the dark about the solo quests that had been added throughout 2005. I wanted to show that questing had become feasible for soloers, and that the game could be interesting without grouping.

First, I wrote two of the series that were least-known at the time, the Nektulos Forest Timeline and Zek Timeline. For these efforts, I was made an admin of the site. Over the following month I added the rest of the old world timelines, later adding KoS and the adventure packs. The Faydwer and Kunark timelines are almost entirely written by other people, except for Greater Faydark which I did during EoF beta. My last significant contribution was the Darklight Wood Timeline.

Other Contributions[edit | edit source]

I created the two-column front page layout for EQ2i, which was blatantly ripped off from the Wikipedia front page of that time. Later in 2006 I wrote the class pages and spell template, and to set an example, I made the pages for every Bruiser spell. Unfortunately my design was poor for both of these, and they have been completely revised by several talented people since then. I've come to accept that I'm just not very skilled at wiki markup. Other people do things with tables and templates that I would never have imagined. I'll leave that stuff to the wiki wizards. :)

Most recently, I wrote the various pages of the Beginner's Guide. It's never too late for this!

Current Projects[edit | edit source]

I have been revamping the outdoor zone articles to a new standard format, inspired by the WoWWiki's zone pages. Mainly, I wanted to greatly increase the amount of information that was provided about each zone, and to increase consistency. I think this revamp has been successful. To go along with the zone revamp, I made a Zone Guide that gives an overview of the world.

Now that the easy part is done, I am faced with having to do the same thing to all of the ~150 shared dungeons and major instances, some of which I'm unfamiliar with. It's a daunting task and I haven't really made a prototype yet. Beyond this, I would like to see a revamp of the raid information on the wiki - I'd like to have consistent pages for every raid at all tiers - but I'm completely unfamiliar with post-KoS raids, so I doubt I'll be able to do this myself.

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