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  • I live in San Francisco Bay Area (California, USA)
  • I was born on October 28
  • My occupation is Computer Engineer
Russell VT
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I run far-too-many alts... most toons are at least T4 or better artisans and I span the tiers with my adventurer levels.

Placeholder page for something that would be more useful to me... of course, by the time it becomes more useful, I'll probably not need it to be anymore.

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AA Revamp - Stage 3

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Toons I currently run, from highest level, down...

Necromancer Icon Toon #1 (75) is a Necromancer
Monk Icon Toon #2 (64) is a Monk
Shadowknight Icon Toon #3 is a Shadowknight
Fury Icon I am a Fury
Inquisitor Icon I am an Inquisitor
Berserker Icon I am a Berserker
Assassin Icon I am an Assassin
Ranger Icon I am a Ranger
Conjuror Icon I am a Conjuror
Ts sage Toon #1 is a Sage
Ts woodworker Toon #2 is a Woodworker
Ts armorer Toon #3 is an Armorer
Ts tailor Toon #4 is a Tailor
Ts jeweler Toon #5 is a Jeweler
Ts weaponsmith Toon #7 is a Weaponsmith
Ts carpenter Toon #8 is a Carpenter
Ts alchemist Toon #9 is an Alchemist
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