Da Roo

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Roo fun facts Edit

Roo raided on a monk from Kos-Rok And Dirge from Mid Rok Till a Depolyment mid TSO

I re-edit my edits more then I edit/add....

Roo boxes of coolness Edit

Monk Icon Rooyak is a Monk
Dirge Icon Rooyin is a Dirge
Ts provisioner Rookook is a Provisioner
Defiler Icon Rookure is a Defiler
Charm Icon 12 (Fabled) Rooyak killed The Leviathan and completed Into the Bowels of the Beast !
Charm Icon 12 (Fabled) Rooyin killed Trakanon and completed The Secret of the Stone !
Monk Icon Rooyak has upgraded the Monk Epic and has received the MYTHICAL Restored Hand of Serenity
Dirge Icon Rooyin has upgraded the Dirge Epic and has received the MYTHICAL Lamentation of the Intrepid
Ts alchemist Rooyak is an Alchemist
Ts jeweler Rooyin is a Jeweler
Icon TS Epic This toon has completed the Tradeskill Epic and received the Earring of the Solstice
Ts tinkerer Rooyak is a Tinkerer
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