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Name Erin
Gender Female
Guild From the Ashes [wiki] website
RL Loc Pennsylvania (Eastern)

Bruiser Icon Redpaw is a Bruiser
Ts provisioner Redpaw is a Provisioner
Ts transmuter Redpaw is a Transmuter
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Pennsylvania Flag This user lives in Pennsylvania.


Redpaw the character is a level 80 Bruiser and level 80 Provisioner on the Blackburrow server. If you can look past the cuts and welts from her latest fights, you'll find a fun-loving Kerran who's keen on cooking, decorating, and 'yo mamma' jokes. She lives at 2 Freedom Road in South Freeport with her pet wolves, flaming hogs, kittens, and other random strays she's picked up on her travels. Each one holds a special place in her heart, but she's rather partial to her Burynai Digger -- the little 'presents' he leaves around the house are infinitely better than those her pet monkey leaves...

She is a founder of <From the Ashes>, a level 66 guild on the Blackburrow server whose members always keep her on her toes. She is one of two liaisons who represent FTA in a raid alliance that schedules events three times a week.

Redpaw the player is a happily married 28-year-old freelance editor who has a slight addiction to MMOs and a major addiction to alts. She (that's right, she) along with her husband, Tirdal, came to EQ2 from City of Heroes, their MMO of choice for four years. They made a lot of friends via CoH, but after brief stints playing Guild Wars and Vanguard, they finally settled with EQ2. Now after a few years, both Redpaws are happy to call Norrath home.

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These are the alts I play most:

These alts I play some, but mostly they serve as storage:

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