aka Greg

  • I live in Central Kentucky
  • My occupation is Logistics
  • I am Male

My name is Greg AKA "The PlatMaster". I played EQ1, but got into it late, only getting my highest level toon to 50ish. I switched to EQ2, the same week it came out, and have been playing ever since, minus 26 months for two Afghanistan deployments. I'm a guild officer for the guild Angelic Dragons on the Guk server. It's a fairly small casual guild. I'm widely known in my guild as the plat farming master. I have farmed over 2,000 plat a week several times in the past, although I usually average about 1,200 plat a week. I farm plat and COE solo zones extensively with my 3 SK's, and consider myself an expert in all things SK. I have had at least one Sk on my account since launch. I played the Sk when the class was the red-headed step child of SOE & Norrath! My guild is currently trying to grow itself enough to do it's own 24 person raids. We are currently eagerly looking forward to the new COE X2 raid zone that is due out soon. I have 8 toons total on my account with 6 of them being level 95 and maxed on AA's. All 6 of them have all spells and combat arts at expert or higher level, with most being mastered. All 8 toons are max level transmuters for their level. All 6 of them are decently geared and fully adorned as well. I take a lot of pride in correctly playing well geared toons at a high level. Below are my toons with brief highlights about them:

Gerkin-my Ogre SK main. He's 1 drop away from being fully geared in fabled COE solo zone armor. He's the best geared tank in my guild. I farm plat and COE solo zones extensively with him. If the guild needs a tough tank for a group zone or raid, I'm usually called on to play Gerkin. I usually crush other peeps in duels with him as well. I can solo stuff with him that I couldn't even dream of with any other class. I take great pride in his appearance as well. I probably have at least 15 different very unique looking sets of appearance gear for him. He's also a max LVL armorer & adorner. I've recently worked on leveling him up in tinkering as well.

Gregore-My Gnome Coercer main raid toon. This is my best geared toon. Besides being an awesome mana battery, he puts out pretty good DPS as well. I feel like I play this class almost as well as I play the SK. I've done most of my raiding in the game with this toon. He's also a LVL 95 Sage.

Tormac-My Barbarian Ranger. He's pretty well geared, fun to play, and I'm getting better at playing him. While I put out good parses with him, I'm not even close to matching the parse of the best Ranger in my guild, Wispareen! He's also a LVL 95 Woodworker.

Gumbee-My Troll Swashy! He's probably the only Troll Swashy on the Server, but I can't say for sure. I recently betrayed him from a Freeport loving Brigand to a Qeynos hating Swashy! I've only ran 2 COE group zones with him since betraying him and getting him ready to hit zones again. I was easily outparsing everybody else with him. I look forward to getting better at playing him and incresing his parse in the future. He's also a LVL 95 jeweler.

Darthas-My Sarnak SK plat farming alt #1. I also extensively farm the COE solo zones with him. He's a LVL 95 Alchemist as well.

Gregenstein-My Ogre Sk plat farming alt #2. An exact copy of Darthas except that he's not a tradeskiller.

Defileu-My LVL 70 Human Defiler. He's fully fabled, mastered, & adorned for his level. I also have a lot of AA's on him for his level. Despite this, I haven't had much fun playing him. The verdict is out on if I'll keep him and how good of a healer I'll be playing with him.

Nukey-My Gnome Wizard. He's my lowest LVL toon at 38. I enjoy playing him. I plan on leveling him up and possibly making him a tailor in the future.


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