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Jerath Crushbone - headshot.png
My main - Jerath

EQ2 Player Information
Name Mysterious drake
Gender Male
Guild Nebula
RL Loc Indianapolis, IN
(Eastern, GMT -5)

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My Toons[]

My main, and overwhelmingly most-played toon, is an Erudite Templar on Crushbone by the name of Jerath.
Jerath is level 90, attempting to (re-)master himself again.

Also on Crushbone, I have some alts whom I don't play nearly often enough... Since the templar is my main, and I love being a healer so much, the others kinda get neglected. However, I've recently started enjoying messing around on a Troll Bruiser, and I'm thinking I may level him up as a secondary. Aside from that, I probably need to work on another alt or two to create a Provisioner toon (and maybe an Alchemist...). Food and Drink are expensive!

About Me[]

I use EQ2i for everything and anything I can!
I started playing EQ2 a little while after launch (Feb. 2006), but thankfully had the right people keep telling me to come here (well, to the old eq2i.com anyway...) for information and tips and such. So I did, and eventually I decided to start contributing. Since then, I have been constantly doing what I can to help upkeep it as such an exemplary and flourishing resource.

As an editor, I can tend to nit-pick about grammar, wording and/or language style. Thus, I admit to being semi-OCD about all the details I can check: /locs, rewards, Coin, status, bonuses, etc. I'm also a code-monkey, constantly checking markup and template usage... frequently tweaking little things for that "perfect look / layout." (So don't take my minor tweaks personally, they're just little things that I think are positive changes. Code-cleanliness is next to code-godliness, after all - and who doesn't like a clean, crisp layout?)

We have a great wiki, and I figure that it all adds up so that it can and will be kept that way.

In a spurt of "let's figure out how this works", I fiddled around a while back and figured out how to create Firefox search plug-ins... My test platform was EQ2i, and I'm happy to say I was successful in creating an EQ2i Search Plugin (complete with the EQ2i logo)! It comes with search term suggestion, a custom EQ2i favicon in the search-term box, and it functions in any Firefox browser v2.0+ (though, honestly, we should all keep our brower-of-choice well updated!). The coding for the plug-in should also mean it works in IE v7+, but I haven't been able to test it therein.

If you would be interested in downloading the plugin, download it from the Mozilla [Mycroft Project] page! Feel free to leave feedback or suggestions for changes / fixes on my user talk page under an appropriate heading. Thanks! =]

Yes, I'm aware that Wikia will automatically add a search plug-in to applicable browsers, I just like having the little eq2i icon instead of the Wikia.com "W".


Certain wiki achievements I'm proud to have made:

  • The 46,000th article on EQ2i! Sacrificial Drape of the Offering
  • 2000 edits on the wiki (almost at the same exact time as the edit noted above)
  • 5000 edits on EQ2i, ~ 31st May, 2010   Is it a bad sign that it took me four months' time to make three thousand edits?
  • 6000 edits - 5th July, 2010   a thousand edits in two month's time.. I'm losing my touch! lol
  • Mentioned in the July 20th, 2010 News!

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