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EQ2 Player Information
RL Loc Bundaberg, Australia
(EST, GMT +1000)

EQ2 Character Information
Mezzzem Bla'Boa
The Loyal
Profiles EQ2U (id) (name)/ Dragon's
Census xml
Server Najena
Race Male Dark Elf
Adventuring Coercer L40 + 40 AAs

Alternate Characters Edit

Devini High Elf Templar 70 Splitpaw
Abis High Elf Paladin 70 Splitpaw
Aghad Human Warden 64 Splitpaw
Irishaussy High Elf Shadowknight 70 Najena

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EQ2i Projects Edit

In-Game Commands - Compiling a List of In-Game commands!!

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