Malbred Byrd'man
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EQ2 Player Information
Name Luke
Gender Male
Guild In Harms Way [ website]
RL Loc Peterson AFB, CO
(Mountain, GMT -7)

Dirge Icon Malbred is a Dirge
Dirge Icon Malbred has upgraded the Dirge Epic and has received the MYTHICAL Lamentation of the Intrepid
Charm Icon 12 (Fabled) Malbred killed Tairiza, Pawbuster and Imzok's Revenge and completed The Fate of Norrath  !
Charm Icon 12 (Fabled) Malbred killed Venril Sathir and Overking Selrach and completed The Amulet of Drolakis !
Charm Icon 12 (Fabled) Malbred killed The Leviathan and completed Into the Bowels of the Beast !
Charm Icon 12 (Fabled) Malbred killed all Named Monsters in Veeshan's Peak and completed Taking on Trakanon !


EQ2 Character Information
Malbred Byrd'man
The Shadow Blade
Profiles EQ2U (name)
Server Crushbone
Race Male Half Elf
Deity Bristlebane
Adventuring Dirge L90 + 300 AAs
Guild In Harms Way [wiki]
Housing Gorowyn

My alts include; Mayko-90 Necromancer, Merzy-90 SK, Keelings-90 Assassin, Acidicc-90 Warlock, Lickinda-90 Fury, Blannka-90 Defiler

To DoEdit

Make sure that all Dirge spell information is updated/correct

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