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EQ2 Player Information
RL Loc Slovakia
(Central Europe, GMT +1)

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Swashbuckler Zmrdka is a Swashbuckler
Swashbuckler Zmrdka has upgraded the Swashbuckler Epic and has received the MYTHICAL Charm's Way
Charm Icon 12 (Fabled).png Zmrdka killed Trakanon and completed The Secret of the Stone !
Ts alchemist.gif Zmrdka is an Alchemist
Icon TS Epic.png This toon has completed the Tradeskill Epic and received the Earring of the Solstice
EQ2 Character Information
Profiles EQ2U (id) (name)/ Dragon's
Census xml
Server Nagafen
Race Female Arasai
Deity The Tribunal
Adventuring Swashbuckler L90 + 222 AAs
Guild Pohodari

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