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I'm fairly new to EQ2i, but have contributed to Wikipedia and Wiktionary fairly regularly, particularly in the Japanese-English Wiktionary sections. I've been playing EverQuest 2 since February of 2006, and it's my first graphic MMORPG. I've been a a MUD administrator for way, way too many years, and moderate some online role-playing forums in my (oh-so-copious) spare time.

In the real world, I'm a thirty-something instructor of English as a Second Language, and Computer Literacy for adults who've never before needed, or had the opportunity, to use a computer. I'm also one of those odd female players you find sometimes lurking behind the female toons out there.

Editing eccentricities[]

Assumptions about the reader[]

I generally assume that I'm writing for someone who's new to the game and has very little background information. I figure that While an old-timer could disregard the extra information easily, a newbie often has a hard time filling in any gaps that are left as "assumed" for brevity's sake, and they're the ones that need a reference like EQ2i the most.

Indefinite third-person[]

I use them as the indefinite third-person pronoun in English. I do this because it has been the spoken English standard for about 600 years, and I believe the him standard is a product of a misunderstanding of legalese which has (over the last 150 years) been overtaking good sense in grammar. I also do this because I am not a him and I object to being referred to as one, no matter how generically.

Serial comma[]

I use the serial comma in lists -- that means a comma after every item, including before the final conjunction. It's generally a habit used for clarity, as complex lists easily become confusing without it.

Possessive pronouns versus contractions[]

This one's just a pet peeve of mine and I tend to fix it obsessively wherever I see the problem -- the age-old it's/you're/they're/who's versus its/your/their/whose issue. I can rant about this for long periods at a stretch -- trust me!

More is better[]

Generally, as someone referring to a wiki for information, more information is better than less. It should be well organized to help those who want to skim it to pick out the information they need right away, but for those interested, there's a benefit to having more details available.

Llab, the character[]

EQ2 Player Information
RL Loc Toronto, ON
(US/Canada Eastern Time, GMT -0500)

EQ2 Character Information
Llab Rhatte
the Easily Confused
Profiles EQ2U (name)
Server Unrest
Race Female Ratonga
Adventuring Bruiser L70 + 46 AAs
Guild Bones Brigade website

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