About the CharacterEdit

Kylynne Validan (her friends call her Kyly) is a kind swashbuckler (yes they exist) who has risen to the title of Countess from all of her good deeds done for the cities of Kelethin and Qeynos. After much deliberation she moved from Kelethin to 17 Tranquil Way in South Qeynos, although she sometimes misses her treetop home. She welcomes visitors to purchase wares or to simply come see the incredible decorating of her home that her friend Beansidhe has done.

Kylynne is an Officer of the Swords of Valor Guild, a small level 80 guild comprised of people who play for fun first and foremost. If this sounds like your kind of crowd, send her or Kylylle a tell.

About the PlayerEdit

The player behind Kylynne (level 80 swashy with an alt named Kylylle who is a level 80 warden) is a happily married 30-something, who lives in Virginia (GMT -5:00) with her husband (who plays Warfare, Kevrick... or any of a wide plethora of names since he tends to be fickle with whichever is his "favorite character" at the time). She also likes to keep her puppy, Peanut, on her lap while she plays, or teach her niece (just turned 7) how to move the characters around.

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