Kriptini Close-Up in Palace of the Ancient One

Kriptini Llusion

EQ2 Character Information
Kriptini Llusion
Profiles EQ2U (id) (name)/ Dragon's
Census xml
Server Everfrost
Race Male High Elf
Deity Rodcet Nife
Adventuring Templar L80
Guild Mithril website
Housing 5 Erollisi Lane, South Qeynos


Kriptini is a High Elf Templar that used to live on an interdimensional plane called the Tower of Llusion, which was said to be where Zebuxoruk ended up after watching Druzzil Ro curl the parchments of time. Inside the tower lived Kriptini and his daughter, Kriptina. Kriptini had never known either of his parents, all he remembers is waking up one day inside the tower after being frozen for a long time, possibly thousands of years since he had been conceived. When he finished defrosting, there was a note on the ground with magic runes that taught Kriptini everything a normal learned High Elf would know, and a message from his father that his sole mission was to translate the Book of Norrathians, which was a complete list and biography of ever sentiet being that would ever exist on the planet Norrath.

The Tower of Llusion

The Tower of Llusion is composed of three sections. The first section is called "Etherlite City," which is a giant glass kingdom where physical manifestations of ether (or raw, unrefined mana) live. In this city is a large vault that contains an orb of every living Norrathian, with each orb holding their ether. Should the orb break and the ether escape, the corresponding Norrathian would be driven to madness. The second section is known as "The Internal Labyrinth," a giant glass maze that winds through the memories of one's own mind. Some say that through his quest for power, the accomplished lich Miragul found his way into the Labyrinth, and his consciousness was doomed as a result of it. The final section is labled "Zeboxoruk's Library," which is an immense palace with a complete collection of all knowledge in existance.

All of these three sections make up the tower, but because any one of these sections is larger than the cosmos themselves, the tower does not exist in normal time-space. Anyone can leave the tower at any time, by using the glass double-doors at the intersection between the three sections. Once the doors are opened, anyone in proximity is violently thrown into the world of Norrath at a random location, and will be unable to return the same way. The only beings that can come and go from the tower as they please are the Gods of Power, whom may not even know of the tower's existance, and (although it is only a rumor,) Zebuxoruk.

Kriptini's First Adventure

After accidentally opening the glass double-doors of the tower, Kriptini landed in the city of Maj'Dul, where he was discovered by Seeker Abdeef. In return for his Abdeef's hospitality, Kriptini agreed to help the Seeker in discovering the lost Ewer of Sul'Dae.

The Templar single-handedly wiped out the undead masses of The Fountain of Life, but as Godking Anuk fell, Celistae d'Galdis rose from the waters of the fountain and cursed Kriptini into a mummy. For the next few days, Kriptini unwillingly commanded the undead horde to follow him into the Palace of the Ancient One, where Anashti Sul was currently residing.

When he arrived at the Palace, the Greater Void Sentries were angered that their goddess did not believe in the Void's strength alone, and declared that Anashti Sul no longer had any use for her past mistakes, so Kriptini and the undead army were forced to return back to the Silent City. But while crossing the Desert of Ro, Bainyn Fairwind intercepted the movement and cured Kriptini of the curse. The two of them then proceeded to kill all of the undead. The battle lasted a day and a half.

Afterwards, Bainyn instructed Kriptini to retrieve the Rod of Rathe Shattering from the Pillars of Flame to destroy the Ewer of Sul'Dae before Anashti's followers found out about the Greater Void Sentries' deciet and decided to use the Ewer to raise another army. Kriptini easily defeated the Guardian of Eldonis and retrieved the rod, but by the time he got back to The Fountain of Life, the Ewer was gone.

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