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Kodia Tomekeeper

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Kodia and Demosthenes


Kodia Tomekeeper is a simple woman of 90 seasons leading a monastic life of study, especially of the alchemical arts, on Everfrost (I still call it Blackburrow most days). Dedicated to her books and ideals, she actively seeks out destroyers of lore and history to make them pay for wanton disregard of links to our past. Kodia lives in the South Qeynos Mage tower (blue portal) to be closer to the books and welcomes visitors into her home on a regular basis. Kodia occasionally collects gi-like outfits and bathrobes.

<Vainglory> is a small family-style guild comprised of a heterogeneous group of like-minded people who play for fun first and foremost. We don't really recruit so much as discover members. Quirky, eccentric, occasionally peripatetic - if this sounds like your kind of crowd, let's talk.

The player behind Kodia is a happily married 40-something who, believe it or not, really is a girl playing a girl in game. She lives with her husband Demosthenes near metro-Detroit (GMT -5:00). The player behind Kodia creates alts on a whim but sucks at playing them. Only one has survived extended play time to date, Jaddari her legacy character from her EQ1 days. You can reach the player behind Kodia online via email or via her AOL IM: iasmindecordoba.

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