Grellip Kettlesmith
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EQ2 Player Information
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EQ2 Character Information
Grellip Kettlesmith
Profiles EQ2U (id) Kettlesmith (name)/ Dragon's
Census xml
Server Antonia Bayle
Race Female Froglok
Adventuring Mystic L35

Bio Edit

Grellip Kettlesmith is a young and enthusiastic Froglok. She especially likes making cookies, and thought that it would be a good professionial choice. Until she looked at the prices for ingrediants. So, she looked into harvesting for herself. Until she got chased all the way back to the village by a Morak. So, she took up Shaman training to in order to protect herself. She still ends up getting chased halfway across the zone after a daring harvest.

She enjoys harvesting and seeing Norrath first hand. Second to that is cooking. Obsessive questing is a close third.

Active EQ2i Projects Edit

  • Flesh out quest walk throughs.
  • Do most of the low level quests in the game.
  • Enjoy being a Froggie!!!

Active AltsEdit

  • Trillbi Lotuspond - Froglok - female - Monk of Mathaniel Marr - level 45ish - Jeweler
  • Alruna - Human - female - Bruiser - level 15ish - Weaponcrafter

Favorite LinksEdit

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