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Kaimons portrait
Kaimon Inthuul'Sins
EQ2 Character Information
Kaimon Inthuul'Sins
Profiles EQ2U (name)
Server Venekor
Race Male Dark Elf
Adventuring Inquisitor L80 + 140 AAs
Guild Avatars of Hate


Kaimon Inthuul'Sins, is currently the head of the Inthuul'Sins house and proprieter of its bloodline. His mother was a great knight for the city of Neriak, she was later pronounced dead shortly after the disappearance of the Armies of Norrath entered the planes of the gods, however no body was ever found for a burial. His grandmother, Madcat, a royal matron breeder, taught him the ways of the clergy within Neriak and made sure he was well educated in the ways of combat as well. Matron Madcat's life was extinguished many years later during the Shattering. She was killed in the crumbling of the First Gate portion of Neriak, where she sat many times waiting for her daughter to return home.

With his younger brother, Kervon, they are in charge of the bloodline and ensuring it stays pure and committed to its people. Kaimon is currently a resident of Neriak, with his two beautiful wives Sipsinaki and Tarsha. Kaimon has not yet produce an offspring, as he feels the time's are not yet safe for another dark child to come into this world. He fights to go where his mother traveled, wether to see if she truely fell, or if she's still there fighting the fight she always dreamed of. With the guard of his two wives and their undying loyalty, he will get there.

To Do List

  • Character Development
    • Figure out how to create pages, edit pages, and how to make templates.
    • Contribute to the Inquisitor Spell page with screenshots and updated information.
    • Resubmit and revamp Inquisitor AA and Cleric AA pages with screenshots and updated information.
    • Attempt to update every bit of information for every quest I do down the road.
  • Guides
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