Templar Icon Mikai has converted their Templar Epic into the Enervated Impact of the Sacrosanct
OpenBookRed Mikai has Mastered all endline spells.
Ts carpenter Mikai is a Carpenter
Ts tinkerer Mikai is a Tinkerer
Ts transmuter Mikai is a Transmuter
Cloak Icon 05 (Fabled) Mikai has completed the Gathering Obsession quests and earned the Cloak of the Harvester.
Icon red bucking horse Mikai has completed Return of a Gathering Obsession and earned the Artisan's Pack Pony.
Icon Magic Leash Mikai has completed all Lore and Legend quests (as of 7/1/11).
Icon art page (Common) Mikai has completed all Language quests.

Mikai Hammer'Wench
Mikai Hammer'Wench
EQ2 Character Information
Mikai Hammer'Wench
Profiles EQ2U (id) (name)/ Dragon's
Census xml
Server Nagafen
Race Female Kerra
Adventuring Templar L90 + 300 AAs
Guild Lost Faith website
Rank Officer

To-Do ListEdit

  • Decide on a Deity and complete the quests.
  • Tradeskill epic
  • Coldain Prayer Shawl
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