Brigand Icon Jaudark has converted their Brigand Epic into the Enervated Havoc, Blade of Treachery
Warlock Icon Bellacia has upgraded the Warlock Epic and has received the MYTHICAL Death's Grip
Inquisitor Icon Krey has converted their Inquisitor Epic into the Enervated Penitent's Absolution
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I started playing EQ2 around the start of september 2007 and i'm not displeased. (I though it would leak a little bit less of memory tho) Other games include:

  • DDO (Closed Beta and the open one)
  • LotRo (Closed beta and the open one)
  • WoW (Trial)
  • NeverWinter Nights 1 and 2


Location Montreal, Canada


Name Adventure Crafting Guild
Class Level Class Level
Jaudark Brigand 90 Alchemist 90 <Black>
Bellacia Warlock 80 <Avalon>
Krey Inquisitor 80 Weaponsmith 41 <Black>

Stuff I didEdit

I've edited a small amount of articles.
I've done a modification to the User Subclass Epic template. At the moment, the modification are on my Template test page. You can see what it looks like on my est zone page

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