Paperdoll beaufort
Warden Icon Beaufort is a Warden
Ts tailor Beaufort is a Tailor
Ts transmuter Beaufort is a Transmuter
EQ2 Character Information
Beaufort Windscale
Profiles EQ2U (id) (name)/ Dragon's
Census xml
Server Blackburrow
Race Male Kerran
Deity Tunare
Adventuring Warden L44 + 20 AAs
Guild Army of Darkness
Housing Nettleville

I haven't really met anyone yet who's caught on to the name...

Credited with discovering the first Bronze Sceptre on the Blackburrow server, go me! (Ha, I remember - that and I looked it up in my recipe book.)

July 4, 09 Edit

Well, seeing as Cistilya decided to take up Tinkering, I decided to have Beaufort take up Transmuting. Wow, is it hard to find Treasured weapons and armour which can be transmuted below 5 and below 10. Even stuff that drops in Oakmyst Forest is too high. Good thing Beaufort has lots of storage for later transmuting.  :)

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