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I've been playing EQ2 off and on for years, and this time around I wanted to do give a little something back to the community, even if it's just a little bit. When I first started playing years ago I realized the importance of this Wiki right away as it was such a help to me. I hope to add to things and help out new players like how this place helped me way back when.

This time around I am starting from some old zones and making my way across Norrath from the bottom up. I am going to make sure to give the older content lots of love as I come across it bit by bit. I also love crafting and house items in particular, so I predict a lot of sprucing up of those types of articles as I go along as well.

How far will I get? I have no idea! There's only one way to find out though and I am very willing to take on the challenge.

Happy questing!

EQ2 Character Information
Race Arasai
Adventuring Defiler L90 + 320 AAs

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Quick Links: My Templates • Quest Template • NPC Template • Item Template • Equip/Item Obtaining Info • Recipe Template • Mob Template • Named Mob Template
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