I am HuggleMaster, master of huggles, a force of cheer and goodwill throughout Norrath.

Brigand Icon I am a Brigand
Illusionist Icon I am an Illusionist
Warden Icon I am a Warden
Warlock Icon I am a Warlock
Wizard Icon I am a Wizard

Master of Huggles Edit

  • What is a huggle? It's just a heartfelt hug[1] with the occasional snuggle for those people I know.
  • I enjoy perpetrating random acts of kindness and practicing senseless acts of beauty upon other nice people in the game.
  • For those of you wondering ('cause people ask me a lot)
    • Yes, I am a straight (heterosexual) guy.
    • Yes, I am this chipper without any mind-bending substances.
    • Yes, I am a fan of Ratonga. =^.^=

As A Wiki Member Edit

I would really like to learn how to make templates, so if anyone has tips or tricks about this, please drop me a line!

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