I'm dumb, so i steal stylesheets.

I played WoW for a while, Shadowbane for a bit, and played EQ a million years ago.

i like reading my own writing.

My main is uncertain atm.

Please hit me up if you want to know more.

i mus confess to a painful existence due to nerve damage i think but i resolve to keep this page empty of feelings-issues

EQ2 Player Information
Gender Male
Server Name Race Class-level Tradeclass-level Home City Deity AA Lines-points
Befallen Hewen Barbarian Warden-27 Carpenter Freeport Brell Serenicist
Befallen Lookout Dwarf Berserker-54 Jeweler-44, Tinkerer Kelethin Karana Demolish/Debilitate/Execute-61
Befallen Zeddite Halfling Swashbuckler-25 Weaponsmith Qeynos Fencer
Nagafen Amedanes Kerra Troubadour-25 Carpenter-21 Qeynos Brell Bladesinger-21
Nektulos Haumuo Fae Paladin Weaponsmith, Tinkerer Kelethin Mithaniel Marr Sentry
Unrest Worry Ogre Defiler Woodworker Neriak Ritualist
Unrest Thothe Froglok Coercer Weaponsmith Gorowyn Cazic-Thule Spellblade
Test Fault Kerra Assassin Carpenter Freeport Innoruuk Prowler (complete), Blademaster
Test Trehst Iksar Bruiser Tailor Freeport Brell Serilis Crane Sensei (complete), Monkey Guru
Test Alwuy Troll Inquisitor Neriak
Test Loses Erudite Templar Sage Qeynos The Tribunal Arbiter (complete), Deacon
Test Joliman Human Warlock Weaponsmith Qeynos Battlemage
Test Puxicant Arasai Necromancer Scholar Neriak Cabalist
Test Uqand Fae Conjurer Scholar Kelethin
Splitpaw Ijji Barb Guard
Splitpaw Goradoas Sarnak Brig Gorowyn Blackguard
Splitpaw Enic Highelf Fury Qeynos
Splitpaw Rynt Woodelf Dirge Qeynos
Splitpaw Oysir Halfelf Monk
Splitpaw Amelerac Gnome Wiz Freeport
Splitpaw Drichird Froglok Mystic Qeynos

Deleted characters 10+: Faln, troll troubador Grasp, wood elf monk

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