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My CharactersEdit

EQ2 Player Information
Name Kendal
Gender Female
Guild Insurrection
RL Loc Springdale, Arkansas
(US Central Time, GMT -6)

All on Everfrost

  • Daine (Female Half-elf, Fury/Sage/Transmuter)
  • Queprur (Female Dark Elf, Mystic/Jeweler)
  • Rundas (Male Fae, Swashy/Tailor/Tinkerer)
  • Hildegard (Female Human, Dirge/Weaponsmith)
  • Zorya (Female Fae, Paladin/Armorer)
  • Neith (Female Arasai, Bruiser/Alchemist)
  • Dominae (Female Dark Elf, Illusionist/Carpenter)

To do

  • Delete Darksong Blade, rename Diseased Blade as Darksong Blade
  • Delete Misfortune's Kiss, rename Haunting Strike as Misfortune's Kiss
  • Delete Thuri's Doleful Thrust, rename Singing Strike as Thuri's Doleful Thrust
  • Delete Daro's Dull Blade, rename Side Blade as Daro's Dull Blade
  • Scream of Death
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