Foofoocudlypup Blackburrow

Foofoocudlypup Tankyu

EQ2 Character Information
Foofoocudlypup Tankyu
of Castle Lightwolf
Profiles EQ2U (name)
Server Blackburrow
Race Male Kerra
Deity Mithaniel Marr
Adventuring Berserker L80 + 200 AAs
Guild <Disturbing Omen>
Rank Senior Officer
Housing 18 Lucie Street
Instead of "stsclass" and "stslevel" please use the parameters: adorning, tinkering or transmuting
User browser firefox This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
Windows xp This user plays EQ2 on XP.
Georgia Flag This user lives in Georgia.

User Beta This user was a Beta tester
for Rise of Kunark.

User Beta This user was a Beta tester
for The Shadow Odyssey.
Icon TS Epic This toon has completed the Tradeskill Epic and received the Earring of the Solstice
Berserker Icon I have upgraded the Berserker Epic and has received the MYTHICAL Dragon's Temper
Ts alchemist Foofoocudlypup is an Alchemist
Proc intel This user plays EQ2 on an Intel machine.
This user has an Editcount of... 645
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