This is my To Do list. If you wish to help, drop a note into the Discussion page and, when done, use strikeout on the item in my list. DO NOT remove lines, please!


  • add iname to all Information templates that imbed an image tag, default to PAGENAME
  • finish on-template help for all my current templates
  • put FloTempSig on any templates I have missed so I can remove Florence's Templates
  • remove any remaining old Help:Template... pages
  • finish updating Claymore Timeline to QuestInformation-v2
  • visit as many Zone pages as I can, update to current ZoneInformation and/or add abbrev
  • visit as many Item pages as I can, update to current ItemInformation and/or add iname
  • visit as many Equip pages as I can, update to current EquipInformation and/or add iname
  • upload all the Item & Equip pics I have and make/update their pages
  • Write a template for displaying Character Information, for use by all on User pages. See Template:PCInformation
  • Move all (Class) pages to remove the (Class) suffix


  • need a FSRInformation set Decided against it, created a page-based format instead. See Nektulos Forest FSRs for example.


  • Create pages for the other FSR quest groups (See Nektulos Forest FSRs for example)
  • Add all the Factions that my toons know about, with the descriptions from the Factions tab of the Profile window.

10/25/2006 Edit

  • Create, at the MINIMUM, stub pages for EVERY zone in EQ2! There is just no excuse for not having ALL the zones at least created, much less fleshed out! Especially badly needed: the villages of Qeynos and Freeport!

10/29/2006 Edit

11-17-2006 Edit

  • Need a new template, LanguageInformation, to display info regarding both PC languages (learned by buying a language primer) and Monster languages (learned by completing a Language Quest)


  • Move all Archetype, Class and Subclass pages to categories. See Category:Wizard for my test page. All class pages should look like this!
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