I've been playing Evercrack 2 since Febuary 2005. I started on the Highkeep server and have since ridden out the merge with Butcherblock server. Sadly I did not play original Evercrack, but I have heard lots of wonderful stories about it and it's lore. I'm a big fan of the book quests here in EQ2 so I get a nice sampling of new and old lore from those. I have contributed to Ogaming.com, lootdb.com, maps.eq2interface.com, eq2.allakhazam.com, and now eq2.wikia.com since that it is probably the best site for accurate information I can find. I'm the founder of the guild Vengeance on the Butcherblock server, however I no longer lead it.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Name Tom
Location Chicago, IL, USA
Age 26
AIM Contact Info fireforkts

Contributed to the Following Pages (My Edit Count)[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

All my characters are on the Butcherblock server (ex-Highkeep).

Name Class Adv Level AA TS Class TS Level Notes
Apocalyptic Shadowknight 90 250 Jeweler/Transmuter 80/90 Main Toon
Ironmane Guardian 80 118 Armorer 80
Narissa Fury 30
Provisioner 80 She's hot AND she cooks! 1st Lvl 70 Provis on the server.
Chupa Warlock 37 29 Sage 73 Workin on this toon.
Wretched Troubador 23
Woodworker 2 Needed for raids
Knokout Monk 20
Tailor 2 Kicks and Giggles
Collector Conjuror 24
Alchemist so far 7 Collections Addict!

Side Projects[edit | edit source]

These two articles are ongoing lists of things I feel are needed for a well rounded and complete character with links to different quests, items, series, NPC's, and zones. Please note that these are not mutually exclusive to one another (aka they DO relate to each other, and should BOTH be considered when building a toon up) and that this is all an OPINION of what characters should have completed.

My Handy Dandy Links[edit | edit source]

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