I started playing EQII on the Antonia Bayle server at game launch in 2004, and have been playing regularly ever since. I am a casual-playstyle player, but I am also a very experienced player.

For many years now my main character has been my monk, Lorianna. Secondary to her come my Conjuror, Suzanna, and my Fury, Annaelisa.

With my original main character, the Templar character Felishanna, I am a strict roleplayer. The most challenging part of this is that she will never group with evil class or evil race characters, with no exceptions. Of course, in a world where so many players are sadly not roleplayers, or at least, not "oldschool" traditional roleplayers who play alignments based on factors that include character race, this has lead to her being played a lot less in recent times, and she has not been my main adventuring character for many years.

I have now raised ten characters to the level cap in both adventuring and tradeskill levels, all of which have their tradeskill epic cloaks for their class and the prayer shawl.

Long ago, I also played EQI for five years from January 2000 on the Lanys T'Vyl server (and a little on Firiona Vie after it was launched). In EQ1, my main two characters (cleric and magician) were both part of an alliance of family guilds which successfully raided a little and reached the elemental planes.


I am the guild leader (and founder) of The True Path on Antonia Bayle. This guild is currently level 100.

The SOE EQ2Players page for the guild is here.


My characters of any significance are listed in the table below.

Name Race Class Level (AAs) Tradeskill Level Secondary Skill Notes
Lorianna High Elf Monk 100 (350) Carpenter 100 Tinkering 500
Suzanna High Elf Conjuror 100 (350) Woodworker 100 Adorning/Tinkering 500/500
Annaelisa High Elf Fury 100 (350) Tailor 100 Tinkering 500
Felishanna High Elf Templar 100 (345) Sage 100 Adorning/Tinkering 500/500 Strict Roleplay Character
Silvianna High Elf Illusionist 100 (344) Jeweler 100

Jennianna High Elf Dirge 100 (350) Weaponsmith 100

Katherianna High Elf Berserker 100 (350) Sage 100

Valerianna High Elf Guardian 100 (344) Armorer 100

Aurielle High Elf Wizard 100 (344) Alchemist 100

Sarahanna High Elf Swashbuckler 100 (345) Provisioner 100

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