EQ2 Player Information
RL Loc Istanbul
(GMT, GMT +2)

EQ2 Character Information
Profiles EQ2U (id) (name)/ Dragon's
Census xml
Server Nagafen
Race Female Wood Elf
Adventuring Warden L70 + 85 AAs
Guild New Dawn website

Quests :

The Quill of the Flock - lvl 66

Blood of the Brood

  • Class Hat

Stiletto's Orders Intercepted

  • Manastone 1

A Mark of Awakening

Draco Mortuus Vos Liberatio

  • Bone-Clasped Girdle = gotta be lvl 60 crafter tho

The Wondrous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome

  • Bag of the Tinkerers = 32slot bag
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