Darark Deepscale
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Projects Edit

  • Work on Warlock page.
    • Complete spells.
    • Complete achievements.
  • Conform the format on class pages.
  • Add some basic lore to race pages.

Characters Edit

Everquest - The Tribunal Server
Name Race Class
Darark Deepscale Iksar Shadowknight
Jinkan Jumpin Froglok Cleric
Tigan Arcticeyes Vah Shir Shaman
Everquest II - Crushbone Server
Name Race Class Profession
Baldin Brewbeard Dwarf Guardian Provisioner
Jinkan Jumpin Junior Froglok Templar Carpenter
Kisupu Blackbog Froglok Necromancer Alchemist
Talak Deepscale Iksar Shadowknight Weaponsmith
Tarash Shadowsight Ratonga Warlock Sage
Therbaen Shadowsight Ratonga Warden Jeweler

I play on the Innothule server, commonly mislabelled as the Crushbone server, I even mislabelled it on that table to the right. My account has been open since November of 2004, although I've taken a number of breaks from the game.

All my characters are in a joke guild called Beggars, inspired by an audio skit from Richie Truxillo.

I've included my retired characters from the original Everquest here as well, partially to explain why I picked my username, and partially for the hell of it.

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