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Cantido De`Quiroga

Warlock Cantido is a Warlock
Warlock Cantido has upgraded the Warlock Epic and has received the MYTHICAL Death's Grip
Ts sage.gif Cantido is a Sage
Icon TS Epic.png This toon has completed the Tradeskill Epic and received the Earring of the Solstice
Ts tinkerer.gif Cantido is a Tinkerer
Charm Icon 12 (Fabled).png Cantido killed Tairiza, Pawbuster and Imzok's Revenge and completed The Fate of Norrath  !
Charm Icon 12 (Fabled).png Cantido killed Venril Sathir and Overking Selrach and completed The Amulet of Drolakis !
Charm Icon 12 (Fabled).png Cantido killed The Leviathan and completed Into the Bowels of the Beast !
Charm Icon 12 (Fabled).png Cantido killed all Named Monsters in Veeshan's Peak and completed Taking on Trakanon !
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of the Gathering Tempest
in June 2008 !
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EQ2 Player Information
Name Bobby
Gender Male
Guild Divinitas
IM Cantido_De_Quiroga@hotmail.com
RL Loc St. Louis, Missouri
(Central, GMT -0600)

EQ2 Character Information
Cantido De`Quiroga
of Bertoxxulous
Profiles EQ2U (id) (name)/ Dragon's
Census xml
Server Mistmoore
Race Male Erudite
Deity Bertoxxulous
Adventuring Warlock L80 + 151 AAs
Guild Divinitas
Housing North Freeport

Cantido De`Quiroga is a warlock on the Mistmoore server in the guild Divinitas. He is of the 80th level in both his warlock arts and in spell crafting. He is a follower of Bertoxxulous and lives in Freeport.

In real life, Cantido is an 18 year old high school student, who probably spends far too much time on his fancy computer.

Being a very skilled (and modest) Warlock, Cantido is trying to update as much information as he can about the subclass.


During the early years of Cantido's life after being rescued by the Far Journey, he began practicing magic on the Isle of Refuge. He knew very little about the world, and did not have any friends. Once he felt ready for the vast world of Norrath, he left the Isle and entered the city of Qeynos. As he gained more and more skill with magic, he managed to obtain certification from the mages at the Concordium Tower to become a sorcerer.

Cantido pursued his goal fervishly, working almost non-stop to improve his magical prowess. One night, while practicing his magic on the undead that infest The Down Below, he met a small band of travelers on the same task as he was. They were from the little-known guild Winds of Fate, and meeting them would change his life forever. Alone as he was, he asked the adventurers if he could join their guild. Fortunately for him, they allowed him into their ranks, where he met the first few of his life-long friends.

All was not well within the guild, however. While although the band of adventurers made good company, they were ruled over by a leader not fit for the responsibilities of managing such a group. There was betrayal and backstabbing among good friends, and many of Cantido's friendly acquaintances left. Not one to make a hasty judgement, Cantido waited, torn between two worlds. He waited until one day, while reading the guild's ledger of events, he found out that the last of his friends had left. All that was left of the guild was the evil leader and his minions. So, it was with a heavy heart that Cantido left his guild, Winds of Fate, as well.

Cantido sought out his friends, finding out that the defectors had formed a guild of their own, one that they could command with no one to command them. This was the guild "Divinitas" into which Cantido was enthusiastically inducted. In this new fellowship, every member possessed the highest rank possible. Every man was equal. It was this guild that Cantido had truly flourished as a mage. He had achieved many great things throughout his life by then, so it was the most obvious decision to find more travelers like him to attain even greater heights. This is what brought him to the Mistmoore Guild Alliance.

At first, it was only a woman in a small guild with a dream of success in this alliance, but it formed one of the tightest group of warriors in the realm. Guilds came in and left, and the alliance slowly became more and more powerful. Eventually, this motley band saw sights that no normal adventurer would see, and slew creatures of amazing power. But then, when things were thought to be as best they could be, there was difficulty.

It started with an item of great power, found upon the corpse of the prime research of Mayong Mistmoore, V'Tekla K'Zalk. One of the venturers was awarded possession of it, through silent conference with the appointed leader of the raid. This angered other members of their raiding force, as there were other members that could gain much more benefit out of the item than the one to whom it was given. The fight deeper into Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum, however, continued uninterrupted. Uninterrupted, that is, until a miscommunication by one of the members. It was a comment about the raid leader's counsel and his choice of recipient. This ended the assault of the zone, with the raid leader and integral member abandoning the fight. The next day, it was revealed on the alliance's message boards that the leader had removed his guild from the alliance.

The rest of the alliance was dumbfounded. Who would lead their travels now?

Eventually, the schism blew over. A templar by the name of Uguv took control of the madness and led the alliance to many more victories. With the discovery of new lands, the brotherhood worked intently to conquer the new challenges laid before them. With the discovery of those new lands, however, came with the arrival of the old gods that had abandoned Norrath so long ago. It was one in particular that drastically changed the course of Cantido's adventures.

Cantido's life had been an anathema since he was given his certification as a Warlock of Qeynos. A user of the dark arts, in the great city of Qeynos? It was something no one could have imagined. He led a normal life for a long time, but with the reappearance of Bertoxxulous into his life, Cantido began to hear his call. So long had Cantido been an outcast, a practitioner of evil magic in a virtuous, uncorrupted city. The worship of evil gods was forbidden in the city, but Cantido could not resist. So, with thoughts of the power he could achieve, he destroyed Qeynos's magical shield array that the Concordium was developing. He had learned of the array from citizens as fed up with the city has he was, but they were all killed in the assault on the mage's tower, leaving Cantido as the only survivor.

Then, Cantido was an exile. Unwelcome in cities of every alignment, he despaired. It was at that time when he came upon the dark elves' city of Neriak, City of Hate. They forbade him access into their city just as all the other had, but he was given a chance to improve his standing. After much work performing tasks for the city of Neriak, he was allowed into the city and earned citizenship, once again finding a home.

The warlock Cantido maintained a home deep in the underground city for a while, but he stayed an outcast with the Dark Elves of Neriak, his patron god Bertoxxulous the enemy of their god Innoruuk. As his ire towards them and theirs towards him grew, he though of the city of Freeport. And so he decided to move. The people of Freeport accepted him easily, as practicioners of the dark arts have long found a home in Freeport.

To this day, Cantido still plies his abilities with the Mistmoore Guild Alliance to slaughter monsters of immense power. He still devotes himself to the worship of Bertoxxulous, the god for whom Cantido gave up his home long ago. His story is still being written.

Ciaphas Cain[]

For a while now, scholars to the case of Cantido have followed an association of a Wood Elf Templar named Ciaphas with Lord Cantido. A conflicted indiviual, Ciaphas had followed the path of the Templar for the majority of his career, but had betrayed Qeynos and became an Inquisitor of Freeport, and eventually sought redemption and returned to Qeynos. What role Cantido has in Ciaphas's conflict is unknown, but there is a very strong bond between Ciaphas and Cantido, so interference on Cantido's behalf is likely.

Urlock Gaur[]

An Iksar Shadowknight by the name of Urlock Gaur has recently been seen with Cantido, and some say there is evidence of Cantido fueling Urlock's rise in power with coin and goods. Little is known of this Shadowknight except that he also worships Bertoxxulous and that his strength is growing very quickly. Perhaps Cantido has taken an acolyte to finally pass on his knowledge of spreading destruction.

The Mistmoore Guild Alliance[]

The Mistmoore Guild Alliance is an alliance of 4 guilds on the Mistmoore server:

MMOs Played[]

  • Star Wars Galaxies
  • Everquest 2
  • Final Fantasy XI
  • City of Heroes/City of Villains
  • Planetside
  • Tabula Rasa
  • EVE Online
  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • RF Online

and many others that he can't remember at the time of writing.

Fun Facts[]

  • It is Cantido's dressing room picture used for the Sepulchral Judgement Armor Set.
  • Cantido single-handedly recoded all Warlock and Sorcerer AAs when the new templates came out.
  • Cantido added all of the Warlock Shadow AAs a short while after the expansion came out.