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Coercer Corwynn is a Coercer
Coercer Corwynn has converted their Coercer Epic into the Enervated Eye of the Siren
Ts sage.gif Corwynn is a Sage
Warden Nerius is a Warden
Warden Nerius has converted their Warden Epic into the Enervated Bite of the Wolf
Ts woodworker.gif Nerius is a Woodworker
Icon TS Epic.png This toon has completed the Tradeskill Epic and received the Earring of the Solstice
Ts transmuter.gif Nerius is a Transmuter
Ranger Ciprio is a Ranger
Ts jeweler.gif Ciprio is a Jeweler
Troubador Gilli is a Troubador
Ts alchemist.gif Gilli is an Alchemist
Paladin Haansen is a Paladin
Ts armorer.gif Haansen is an Armorer
Ts tinkerer.gif Haansen is a Tinkerer
Defiler Dauren is a Defiler
Ts weaponsmith.gif Dauren is a Weaponsmith

Hi, I'm Camelotcrusade!
Server: Everfrost
SOE Forum Handle: Gilli
Characters by Class, in creation date order:

  • Gilli, half-elf Troubador/Alchemist
  • Corwynn, half-elf Coercer/Sage
  • Ciprio, fae Ranger/Jeweler
  • Nerius, fae Warden/Woodworker
  • Haansen, wood elf Paladin/Armorer
  • Dauren, human Defiler/Weaponsmith

Player Name: John
Location: Wilder, KY USA

  • I really enjoy EQ2 and I tinker on the wiki when I see missing information that I can add. I also did a ton of original research on the spell Possess Essence and wrote most of what is on the Coercer Pet Strategies page when it comes to pet specificis and their abilities.

Wikis I edit:


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