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IM 42750159 (ICQ)
RL Loc Hamburg, Germany
(Central European Time, GMT +0200)

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About myselfEdit

I started playing online with MUDs in 2004 and I still play on some MUDs more or less frequently. Eventually I started looking for an MMO and after testing a few ones, I began playing Asheron's Call 2. Since it was my first MMO, I still like it very much and would probably still be playing it. But unfortunately it was shutdown in December 2005. So our whole guild and some more people from my server (there were presumably only less than 100 people playing on that server anymore) started looking for a new MMO and we agreed on Everquest 2. We founded a new guild in EQ2 and it was named after our old AC2 server. Our guild started raiding in December 2007. My raidcom is still raiding and we managed to get RoK clear and I got my mythical weapon a few weeks ago. Now we're starting with TSO raiding.

I'm somewhat back at EQ2i, although I still hate the ads.

Current ProjectsEdit

  • Adding images and missing information for gis
  • Adding german quest names
  • Adding missing information on items, quests, monsters, npcs etc.
  • Wikification

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