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Gathering Tempest
Update 46
Date June 17, 2008


  • During "Gathering Tempest" (GU46): The ranks of Freeport's Academy of Arcane Science and Qeynos' Concordium have been stretched thin as they attempt to investigate the mysterious and dark storms that have erupted across Norrath. Those wishing to volunteer their services for the investigation are encouraged to speak with the Concordium Pupil Adepts or Academy Apprentices that have been sent all across the world.
  • There is a great commotion stirring around Bog Mountain, goblins from all nations appear to be drawn to the halls of Runnyeye Citadel! High level groups can now investigate, should they choose, the new dealings with the goblins in Runnyeye: The Gathering
  • Poisons now have the option to auto consume when they run out. Check out the "POISONS" section for details.
  • Carpenters, inspired by some of the elaborate cloaks adventurers have discovered, have started learning to create similar tapestries for the home. They have also acquired a few new recipes inspired by Kelethin and Maj'Dul craftsmanship.


  • Stealth and Invisibility spells should no longer be broken by NPC buffs which trigger off damage. The same will apply in PvP for player based damage shields and similar spells.
  • Additional new books are available with Sages Navarius Orvalis and Indis Surion.
  • Coins in the shared bank can now be split.
  • Bank trainers have been informed that the amount of bank space a character receives has been increased.
  • The player movement requirement in The Tangrin and Avatar of Growth encounters are somewhat more lenient than before.


  • Rhino mounts no longer cause the camera to bob up and down.


  • Trustees of your house can now interact with house pets.



  • Summoner
    • Caution should be used when attempting to pull with 'Magic Leash' now.


  • Cures
    • Curing a charmed pet should no longer remove the charm from it.
  • Bard
    • All bard buffs will now be consistent and castable while moving.
  • Coercer
    • Coercer reactives should now trigger properly in PvP combat.
    • The Hostage Line should now be useable on breakable objects.
    • Possess Essence and Puppetmaster can no longer be used on breakable objects.
  • Predator
    • The Stalk line is no longer toggleable.
  • Swashbuckler


  • Poisons now have the option to auto consume when they run out. Right click a stack and turn auto consume to on and you no longer have to worry about your poisons running out mid fight.
  • Fettering poisons can now be cured while dueling or PvPing.


  • The imbued stone hide leather bandolier recipe is once again available.
  • The sandalwood cudgel recipe is now making the correct item.
  • A duplicate recipe for fistwraps has been removed from advanced weaponsmith volume 38 and is now only present in volume 39.
  • Crafted javelin, tribal and great spear appearances are now more appropriate to the weapons' names.
  • The costs of city tradeskill faction titles are now more equivalent between different cities.
  • The variety of item selection for level 40 carpenter crafting writs should now be a bit more (or less) bearable...
  • Di'Zok weaponsmiths have shared their knowledge of riding crops to crafters they deem sufficiently worthy.
  • Armorers and Tailors can now imbue all armor sets in the level 40-49 range, as well as making all armor sets for all normal equipment slots in this level range.
  • Short spears are now somewhat shorter in appearance.
  • All woodworker-crafted wands now look wand-like. Woodworkers are also able once again to make magic-imbued wands.
  • Crafted sledgehammer recipes have been replaced by a crafted sledge which has more unique stats. Any existing crafted sledgehammers will remain as they are.


  • Shrink has once again been enabled on PvP servers.
    • The new shrink will constrain the characters to a minimum height rather than scaling the model down which should alleviate many of the issues found in the past.




  • You can now leave chat channels that contain characters such as semicolon.
  • Text shadows were optimized which should give a small performance increase on the client.
  • The minimum width of the main chat window has been returned to its previous width.
  • You will no longer receive quest feathers for quests that are too high compared to your level.
  • The /who command is now throttled.


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