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Update 44
Date April 8, 2008


  • The Shard of Hate is now open for high level raid groups willing to try their mettle against the Maestro. The influx of hatred into the world is affecting many throughout Norrath with increased hostility clearly evident.
  • You can now choose to show off your equipped bow by displaying it in place of your melee weapons.
  • Two new armored wargs have been discovered. Potential owners should look for the new beasts in Kunark.



  • Raid Leaders can now create designated raid looters by right-clicking their names in the raid window and choosing add/remove looter.
  • Designated raid looters are able to assign loot as if they were a raid leader when the group loot method is set to “Leader Only”.
  • It’s now easier for the group leader to loot an item with the Leader Only loot method.


  • There are two new armored wargs now available in Kunark.
  • Mounts will automatically be removed while climbing a wall and should return once you have reached a flat surface.
  • Shallow water will no longer scare away your horses, rhinos and wargs.


  • Ranged ammo has been adjusted to have a minimum level that represents the start of the tier. Ranged weapons will no longer scale down to that level unless the ammo is significantly lower than the weapon. For example, all ferrite ammo is now level 70 to use. Level 80 ranged weapons will use level 80 for calculations now instead of scaling down to level 70. Overall damage of current level 80 items will stay the same.
  • Combat text will now display if you double1 attack, flurry, ranged double attack, etc.
  • Melee hit rates should now be slightly better against orange con mobs.




  • Harvesting tool buffs are now activated by using the tool, and can be cancelled. The effects will now persist through death.
  • The Tradesman Service quest from each crafting society's Grandmaster now also awards a simple cloak (those who have already completed the quest can purchase it from the Grandmaster). Exaple: Cloak of the Sage.
  • Grandmasters in the five starting cities now offer some new quests for tradeskillers who have assisted them previously.
  • All handcrafted and mastercrafted chest and leg armor from 50-59 can now be imbued.
  • A lost recipe for a tynnonium stool has been recovered by carpenters.
  • Tradeskill Introduction handbooks for each city faction now include information about where to respec crafting professions.
  • Effects from the provisioner-made drinks The Jester's Cap and The Queen's Masquerade now follow you through zoning
  • The recipe book can now be filtered by classes that can use the final product of each recipe.


  • Priest
    • Priests will receive a new level 80 spell automatically called Cure Curse. Be on the lookout for certain encounters to have special effects that are only curable with this spell.
  • Ranger
    • The hawk will no longer break stealth.
    • The Focus Aim line now has a group component which buffs the groups melee weapon skills and weapon accuracy.
    • Improved the damage on the offensive stance proc, melee based combat arts and faster reuse ranged attacks.
    • The Bleeding Cut line has had its duration lowered to 24 seconds.
    • Trick Shot, double Shot and Leg shot lines have had their casting times reduced to .5 seconds


  • Guardian
    • The icon on Lay Wastes was altered so that it’s more apparent that it shares a reuse timer with the Assault line. The prose should mention this as well.


  • Chelsith
    • All five boss NPCs in Chelsith now spawn, an increase over the 2 out of 5 that would spawn previously.
  • Kaladim
    • A number of Kaladim patrols have had their respawn time increased.
  • Chardok and Sebilis
    • Adjustments have been made to Chardok’s and Sebilis’ named NPCs Those that were level 85+ were lowered to 84, had their health increased significantly and DPS slightly. Additionally, certain nobles had abilities added to their repertoire. They also have a chance to drop master spells between 71 and 75.
  • Veeshan's Peak
    • The personal treasure of many inhabitants of Veeshan’s Peak has been increased in power.
    • All Veeshan’s Peak item sets have been given additional focus effects and increased stats.


  • The client will automatically enable a low-memory mode when you are running low on memory. The low-memory mode will downsample far away textures and unload geometry that hasn’t been drawn in a while. The low-memory mode should generally be invisible.
  • Performance settings were adjusted slightly for better rendering at lower qualities without significantly impacting performance.
    • Flora will now only be rendered on High Quality settings and above.
    • Objects will not disappear as quickly on lower settings
  • The client is Large Address Aware, meaning that you are much less likely to run out of memory if you have 3GB or more of RAM and are running either the 64-bit versions of Windows or have modified your boot.ini to support 3GB user address space.
  • Color Profile changes:
    • If you have a desktop color profile configured (or your gamma ramp changed), the client is better about restoring your settings when it exits.
    • The client no longer overwrites your color profile settings with its own. Instead, the gamma values in the Options -> Display -> Color Correction modify the desktop color profile settings. This means that if all of the client's Color Correction settings are left at defaults (brightness at 0.0, contrast at 1.0, gamma values at 1.0) the client will use your desktop color profile settings.
    • Crashes should be better about restoring your color profile.


  • Spell icons should no longer tint during casting or recovery.
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