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Update 30
Date December 20th 2006

Game Update #30: December 20th 2006

Frostfell is Here!

  • Visit the Gigglegibber Gh'lad Tydingz in South Freeport, North Qeynos or Kelethin for some holiday quests and the chance to earn a Frostfell tree and wreath.
  • Enter the Magic Closet in Qeynos Harbor, West Freeport, Haven, or Kelethin to travel to the Frostfell Wonderland Village. Here you can gather presents to craft wondrous Frostfell goodies, see if reindeer really know how to fly, purchase Frostfell goods, and even assist Mr. McScroogle in an important task. And don't forget to log in each day and claim your extra-special Frostfell present from everyone's favorite Frostfell elf Gardy Giftgiver!
  • And that's not all! Frostfell Candy Cane Grab 'n Tag is coming soon! Watch this space for details!


The Lesser Faydark:

  • The Nybright Camp now has a Fence with access to goods from all three major cities, with a significant markup for shipping and handling fees.
  • Lesser Faydark has two new quest chains! Look for them at Camp Nybright and the Wu Encampment.

Greater Faydark:

  • The Crushbone Spies will now trigger every 5 minutes if you are on the right stage. If you meet the requirement and are within the 5 minute timer, then you will receive a UI message.
  • The expedition officers in Greater Faydark will now spawn more frequently.

Ascent of the Awakened:

The Temple of Scale: Pedestal of the Priestess:

  • Harla Dar brushed her teeth and has a slightly less painful AOE.


  • Rain Caller's Storm Arrow proc should no longer be resisted when it triggers.
  • All Horse Whistles maintained icons will appear as a horse instead of a blue swirl.
  • Emerald Hues item set bonuses have been fixed.
  • Multiple ranged crit bonus will now give the correct crit type
  • When you equip something that isn't yet attuned you will be given a choice to attune it immediately.
  • The fire damage modifier on the Rockpounder item set should now increase fire damage correctly.
  • Weapons should no longer display text about a primary only requirement to proc.


  • Many Named NPCs had their stats retuned so that their difficulty is in line with recent combat adjustments. For example, Malkonis D'Morte in The Gates of Ahket Aken and The Djinn Master in The Djinn Master's Prism.
  • The spirit horses have returned to the Temple of Life.
  • All collectables from Faydwer should now be searchable through brokers under the "collectable" tag.
  • Item Adornments can now be found on the broker by mod type
  • Several solo quests throughout the game now also give achievement experience
  • Logging with hits mode using abbreviated chat messages should once again work properly.
  • You can now disable experience while being mentored.
  • Auto-attack and combat arts refuse to work if your weapons are broken.
  • Players can no longer start mounted travel when jumping.
  • Mitigation buffs will only apply in proportion to the number of armor pieces you have equipped.
  • Players should no longer stay invisible for a short period, when loading, if something is in their ammo slot.
  • New Iksar swim animations! Now Iskars swim like reptiles instead of filthy do-gooder humans.

City Raids

  • The city specific raids offered by Royal Accountant Fowler and City Registrar Glamis have been improved once again and now offer an additional raid for hearty adventurers willing to take up arms and defend their city! The city has responded by improving the rewards they offer to their great citizens in exchange for maintaining their cities defense.



  • We've added a new skill called "Aggression" that affects the resistability of Taunting
    • Guardians, Berserkers, Paladins, Shadowknights, Monks, Bruisers, Brigands, and Swashbucklers all start out with the Aggression skill. Their primary defensive stances also increase their Aggression skill.
    • Conjurer and Necromancer Fighter pets use the Aggression skill, and their defensive stances also increase it.
    • Primary Single Target and Encounter taunts now use Aggression skill, along with Rescue, Taunt Procs, and any other taunting abilities.
    • NPCs that taunt also use the Aggression skill.
    • Fury: Irritating Swarm: Reduces Aggression skill.
    • Warlock: Spellbinding Pact: Increases Aggression skill.
    • Troubador: Magical Boon: Increases Aggression skill.
    • Dirge: Hyran's Angry Sonata: Increases Aggression skill instead of Strength.
    • Troubador: Demoralizing Processional: Reduces Aggression skill.


  • More collection quests in the level range 10-19 will grant achievement experience.
  • Enhancements to targeted or group buffs should no longer reset to their base spell properties.


  • Frontload: The prose was modified to reflect that it only increases the trigger chances of the assassin's own abilities.
  • Getaway: A bug was fixed that allowed combat arts and auto attack to not break stealth. Instead of blinking, the Assassin gains increased combat movement speed.


  • Safehouse: Now has a maximum range of 200.
  • Safehouse: The stealth component now works appropriately when Safehouse expires.


  • Coercive Healing: Regen and Ward healing effects now work as described.
  • Enhance: Dispel Magic: It will now dispel hostile mental effects instead of divine
  • Thought Snap: Fixed to properly target a random fighter in the group.
  • Mana Flow: Fixed duration reduction amount to 2 seconds per rank.

Conjurers and Necromancers:

  • Enhance Pet Buffs: Buffs no longer require the player to log in or zone to activate the buff.


  • Soul Ward: Removed estimated ward amount from the description, and now examining it reads "Wards target ally from as much damage as was sacrificed by the caster"


  • Enhance: Starfire: Optional requirement is Enhance: Engulfing Roots instead of Enhance: Snare.


  • Block: Expires only if the guardian blocks or uses a combat art.


  • Split Personality: Increased its overall effectiveness.
  • Enhance: Storm of Colors: expiration effect will affect all targets.
  • Enhance: Color Shower: expiration effect will affect all targets.


  • Enhance: Verdict: Verdict affect will trigger properly if the target's health crosses below the threshold within the duration.



  • Reaver: Increased health gain to 2.5% of maximum health per hit. Reaver is now affected by Taunts.
  • Enhance: Infernal Blessing achievement should now display the heal amount correctly.



  • Cure Enhancements will expire after 3 hits from that damage type.


  • Enhance: Rift: Fixed description and reuse time effect to work properly.



  • Harrowing Inquest: Restored original 10% proc rate functionality on any spell or combat hit.


  • Surging Tempest: Restored original update count to 7 ticks instead of 9.



  • Boats will now pull away from the docks a little bit slower and approach a little smoother.


  • Recipe tooltips will include a count next to each required component that is the number of matching items that you have in your inventory. If you don't have sufficient quantity of a component, it will be red.
  • Items are no longer unequipped when they drop to 0% condition!
    • Equipped items at 0% do not provide mitigation, avoidance, buffs, adornments, etc.
    • Items at 20% or less condition will show with an orange background.
    • Items at 0% condition will show with a red background.
  • Mitigation values should no longer display a percent less than zero.
  • Windows XP users are able to block the Windows Keys (the keys with the Windows flag on them usually between the Alt and Ctrl keys) while in full screen mode. This feature is on by default. The option is located in Options -> Display -> Performance.
  • Quests that are significantly below your level will turn gray in your quest journal. This is a display change only. You still gain the small amount of experience from them as always. Quests that are green will now also be candidates for Achievement experience gain.