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Update 25
Date July 13, 2006

The Story

It is said that two Prophets of the old Gods have been seen, announcing the imminent return of their Gods. The Prophet of Valor may be found at the gates of The Graveyard, testing those who wish to display their Valor before Mithaniel Marr. The Prophet of Fear is said to wait in The Feerrott inside the Cave of Fear, behind the forbidding ediface of The Temple of Cazic-Thule.

Changes in Live Update #25

Game Update #25: July 13, 2006


  • Sell more of your consigned products with new vendor containers!
  • Tailors can weave clothing at the height of fashion with new tinted outfits!
  • Find a Master I enemy scroll on a PvP server? Get it transcribed!
  • Acquire new level 20-39 PvP rewards for your efforts!

The Height of Fashion

  • Tailors can now create stylish clothing for Norrath's finest citizens. These trendy outfits are suitable for casual and formal occasions alike.
  • These fashionable ensembles are available in a variety of colors and can be worn in the chest slot to change your entire wardrobe.
  • New recipes are introduced beginning at level 20 and continuing to level 70 to craft the epitome of glamour and style.


  • New containers and vendors will allow you to list more items of a specific type for consignment.
  • Carpenters will find that they have recipes for these containers distributed from level 20 in rare recipe books.
  • Once placed in the broker window, vendor containers can be placed in your home.
  • To place an item, put the vendor in your market board as you would any container, then right-click the vendor and select "place."
  • The container types are as follows:
  • Exiles can now gain use of more consignment lots by purchasing Maj'Dul housing.


  • To assist their followers with the ongoing struggle, both Lucan and Antonia have hired Spell Transcribers to deal with Master I scrolls that cannot be used by their citizens. Seek out Octavius Syntral in North Freeport or Tabatha Cantra in Qeynos Harbor for more details about their services.
  • New PvP rewards can be found from the merchants in North Freeport and Qeynos Harbor for levels 20-39.
  • If a player initiates PvP with a red con player, the red con player will now receive infamy and faction for defeating the lower level player.
  • The Call spells on PvP servers are now properly set to 25 seconds.
  • Thorny Traps will now work properly on PvP enabled servers.
  • Defile will now kill unconcious players in PvP.
  • The illusionist trance line of mesmerize spells will no longer land while a player is immune.


  • You can now sell your Stein of Moggok to merchants to make some extra cash.
  • Most non-tradeskilled earrings have had the Lore flag added to them. You'll know why this is the case soon.
  • The triggered procs for the Bone Clasped Girdle, Orb of the Invoker, and Grizzfazzle's walking stick will now take effect before the spell that triggered the proc lands. This should keep the procs from breaking mez, roots, or other spells that cancel on damage taken.
  • Zan Fi's Braided Segmenter now has a longer delay.
  • Marr's Fist should no longer proc before the wielder has initiated combat.
  • Captain's Ever-shifting Voulge will now proc correctly.
  • The Wingcrest Leather Cuirass is now leather armor instead of chain.
  • Scouts can now hand in the Escrima of the Heartwood Tree to the Shady Swashbuckler XVIII for a piercing weapon.
  • Chuman's Greater Robe of Intelligence now has an appropriate appearance.
  • The proc on the Reviler Guardian Shard Blade will now work properly.
  • Opal Bracelets now equip in the wrist slot instead of waist slot.
  • Pristine Imbued and Normal Cobalt Pikes had their stats improved.
  • A number of Heritage quest items have received a small statistical boost.
  • City Merchant status clothing can now be worn by artisans of the appropriate level.
  • Ebon Chainmail now has the same appearance as it did before the revamp.
  • Ebon Vanguard now has the same appearance as it did before the revamp.
  • Cobalt Vanguard now has the same appearance as it did before the revamp.
  • Cobalt Chainmail now has the same appearance as it did before the revamp.
  • Stygian Chain Leggings should now display properly on player characters.
  • The Hammer of Pain is now called the Cudgel of Pain.
  • Indium and cobalt falchions are now dual wield weapons.
  • The agility bonus on Crude Feyiron Katars has been removed.
  • Shaped Fright Imbued Roughspun Hex dolls now have +7 strength instead of +6.


  • A number of quests have been removed from the cities. If you are currently on a quest that gets removed, you will still be able to complete the quest. For more information see the following post:
  • Players that have betrayed to an opposing city while on "On the Overlord's Secret Service" or "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" will no longer be prevented from restarting the Qeynos Claymore quest line in their new city.
  • All betrayal instanced quests can now be done with a group.
  • Some of the NPCs in the betrayal instance quests now have shorter aggro ranges.
  • "Zarvonn's Legacy" is now flagged as heroic.
  • "Commonlands Creature Cataloging" now points to young vulriches and monitor lizards.
  • "Big Game Hunting" now points to normal rhinos instead of bull rhinos.
  • "Seer Stone" is now a heroic quest.
  • "Overlord's Omelet" now requires young vulriches.
  • "An Engraved Stump" is now heroic.
  • "A Captive's Information" is now heroic.
  • "The Vandals" writ now points to young vulriches.
  • "Aggressive Carrion Feeders" is now heroic.
  • "Supplying the Scouts" writ now requires monitor lizards.
  • "Feathers for Arrows" now requires young vulriches.
  • "Thinning the Herd" now requires young vulriches.
  • "A Hard Man to Please:" The orcs in the kerran village should no longer spawn once this quest has been completed.
  • Because he has moved on from his life in Norrath, Cordun Brenland's quest will now auto-complete once you are asked to return to Cordun.
  • "Marcus Cantarius's Monumental Hatred" will now properly update when killing "a Dervish thug."

Zones and Population

  • Enlightened by recent events on the island of Mara, nine elect Norrathians have begun a spiritual quest prophesying the return of the very gods themselves!
  • Drops from Anuk's Council are now given after the council has been defeated.
  • Nosno the Naysayer is now simply Nosno. He finally found his way to the Commonlands where he has given up his dream of collecting a harem and now lodges with the kerra in the village southwest of the Crossroads.
  • ZaZa Lenska and her husband have moved out of Temple Street and into the Commonlands with the ratonga.
  • Crispin has taken his search for fresh recruits into the Sprawl, conveniently much closer to the trials he subjects potential recruits to.
  • Manius has left Beggar's Court to be closer to the action. He can now be found in Sunken City.
  • Tilzak has taken his pretend search for shark fins to the Sunken City.
  • Zekvila has taken up residence in the Graveyard.
  • Sir Alesso can now be found in Antonica.
  • Daryann Stormrider can now be found in Windstalker Village in Antonica.
  • The Overlord of Captivity's Stunning Blaze attack now gives feedback text in the chat window.
  • The Uncaged Alzid should play nicer and not belch up mutagenic disgorgants at an accelerated rate if you fail to kill him the first time.
  • Kregnok Legbreaker is back in the Commonlands.
  • Terracotta warriors in the monk trial instances will now drop shards more frequently, will occasionally drop monk pebbles, and those that are required to be killed can no longer be charmed.
  • The Cruor Alluvium event in Deathtoll will now progress properly.
  • Huang in the Village of Shin will now appropriately confirm the purchase of "the Vigilant" title.
  • Dhae Lao in the Tower of the Four Winds has arrived to take care of adventurers who have proven themselves to the Whistling Fist Clan.
  • Lavastorm now has trapping nodes.


  • Racial Hide Abilities: Increased stealth duration for up to 30 minutes. Reduced recast timer to 5 minutes.
  • Player characters will no longer riposte unless they have initiated combat.
  • Symbols can no longer be used with shield-required attacks for paladins and shadowknights.

Fighter changes:

  • Monk: Arctic Talon: Casting time is now 0.5 seconds instead of instant cast.
  • Paladin: Prayer of Consecration: Correctly set level to 58. All tradeskill recipes were adjusted accordingly.

Mage changes:

  • Illusionist: Aspect of Thought: Group mental resistance will not apply to charmed enemies.
  • Coercer: Power of Mind: Group mental resistance will not apply to charmed enemies.

Scout changes:

  • Ranger: Trick Shot: No longer causes a hostile effect to appear on the recipient of the NPC's blame.
  • Swashbuckler: False Blade: No longer causes a hostile effect to appear on the recipient of the NPC's blame.
  • Troubador: Arcane Chorus: Group mental resistance will not apply to charmed enemies.
  • Dirge: Lanet's Scream: Daze effect component no longer affects Epics.
  • Dirge: Oration of Sacrifice: Automatically ends if target dies.


  • Summoner: Animated Dagger: Changed casting animation to appear as a throw attack.


  • Several recipes were changed in level so they match the level of the recipe book they come from.
  • Fistwrap recipes now use leather as their primary component.
  • All pike recipes will now use metal as their primary component.
  • Horned Leather Tomes will now use Raw Horned Leather as their primary component.
  • Dragonhide Leather Tomes will now use Raw Dragonhide Leather as their primary component.
  • Fuel requirements for level 60-70 bags, quivers, bandoliers, sheaths, satchels, and pouches have been raised to be in-line with other recipes.


  • Many characters on the Outpost of the Overlord and Queen's Colony have found their voice.

User Interface

  • You will no longer receive emotes from people on your ignore list.
  • The (Complete) indicator showing in the quest journal should now be more accurate. This will only show for a quest in which the only thing remaining is to talk to an NPC.
  • Comparison tooltips will now appear for spell and combat art upgrades if you have the spell or combat art in your knowledge book.
  • The physical detriment icons under the player's health bar will now show detriment counts.
  • Detriment indicators for incurable effects will be darkened, and the tooltip will indicate that the effect can't be cured.
  • Group members will now see a more detailed list of changes instead of "<Group Leader> has changed the group options."
  • The quest timer in the quest helper window has been moved to below the quest name, so as to not obstruct the quest name.
  • Searching the broker for Treasured items will no longer also return Mastercrafted items.
  • Broker searches for secondary slot items will now return appropriate items.
  • You can now sort broker search results by seller name.
  • The guild window now reports how much of your personal earned status will be contributed to your guild's status.

UI Files Modified

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